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Why Train ?

In today's business landscape, training is not just a matter of survival; it's what separates high performance organisations from those being fitted for a burial suit.

  • Companies who train are 2.5 times more likely to be successful
  • £1 in training recoups £3 back into the company
  • Two thirds of staff who receive training work harder
  • New skills and attitudes can put your business ahead of the others

Ten reasons why training is more important now than ever:-

1.Training boosts morale - Staff members feel better and more motivated about working at your organisation if you show your belief that they can improve.
2.Training emphasizes priorities - In financially tough times, the needs of the current staff can be directed toward specific training.
3.Training is cheap - certainly cheaper than recruiting and hiring new staff. Whatever the challenges your organisation is facing, reducing your training budget isn’t going to solve it.
4.Training is a stimulant - while eliminating training can enforce mediocrity.
5.Training helps keep pace - Individuals need to stay on top of innovations, new techniques and developments in order to stay competitive.
6.Training develops teamwork – Where teams have been depleted or reduced it helps the existing team to zero in on the essentials and work together more efficiently.
7.Training shares the good habits – Knowledge transfer from experienced trainers and industry leaders will focus on and enforce industry best practice.
8.Training brings in money - Focused training can pay for itself many times over by raising morale, boosting efficiency and maintaining high standards.
9.Training treats staff like professionals - Individuals who believe they are valued enough to be invested in to develop their skills might stay with your organisation a little while longer.
10. Training helps maintain and improve quality and productivity.