Providing training to aspiring Geo-Professionals



"I have been very pleased with the format we have adopted with a good mix of technical presentations and practical exercises and demonstrations. The afternoon open discussion session have been particularly successful and have opened some very good in depth discussions both on technical aspects and some of the challenges our industry currently faces. These discussions are widened by the group of delegates in this batch and their diverse backgrounds. This had led to some lively debates.  

It has also been good to be able to draw others into the sessions such as Ken Lee, Supervisor/Training officer for Geotechnical Engineering Ltd, his site experience was enlightening when we were talking about drilling and investigation methods. It’s always good to be able to temper theory with sound practical experience. The use of Linkedin to keep the discussions going and to introduce new topics is also excellent.  It means the group are able to communicate between sessions and keep everything live.

All the delegates play a very active role throughout the day and via linked-in with some probing questions and a real thirst for knowledge. Their employers need to be congratulated on recognising this and releasing them for the modules when I am sure there are very strong pressures to keep them working on site. It is this commitment which will reap enormous benefits for both the employer and the delegates in the future, a really good investment. I am looking forward to the next session in a couple of weeks."