Providing training to aspiring Geo-Professionals

Dan Reynolds - The Geotechnical Academy (Group 1)

As a recent graduate and someone who is new to the geotechnical industry, the Geotechnical Academy is a brilliant resource.  It is a great source of information for me, and I have found that it has supplemented my ongoing training really well by providing in depth discussion and explanations on skills and techniques I am only just learning how to use.  The relaxed and friendly atmosphere is conductive for some great discussion, which coupled with a wide variety of people working in different aspects of the geotechnical/construction business, means that we can explore multiple viewpoints from within the industry which is a fascinating experience for anyone interested in the inner workings of the world of geotechnics.

The course if full of content which is very well presented, providing lots of information in a manner easy to take in, further supported by short practical sessions.  For anyone new to geotechnics or old I highly recommend the Geotechnical Academy as it provides knowledge on all the multiple facets of the industry from health and safety to client contractor interaction, while reinforcing or teaching new skills and providing us with knowledge to not only do our jobs well, but to do them to the highest standard possible by understanding how and why we do things.  This course is really quite valuable for anyone looking to make progress in the geotechnical industry such as myself, and I would not hesitate to get involved if you are at all interested in learning about the geotechnical engineering world.

Emma Brett, Campbell Reith

The Geotechnical Academy is a fantastic way for consultants and contractors working in the ground investigation profession to share their experience and knowledge.  Each of the course sessions starts with a lecture followed by discussions and practical demonstrations.  The practical demonstrations are particularly beneficial to consulting engineers as you gain firsthand experience of the different types of drilling, methods of sampling and laboratory testing.  The course has also provoked stimulating conversation on topics such as health and safety and Eurocode 7. 

Chris Dimelow, Lankelma

The structured debate with fellow academics gives a great platform to discuss your own experiences and learn from other peoples. The 'hands on' aspects provide practical experience on the core site investigation and laboratory techniques employed within our industry.