Providing training to aspiring Geo-Professionals

The Geotechnical Academy is a unique training facility which offers a dynamic learning experience through:

Knowledge Transfer
Shared Learning

The Academy is a collaboration between the UK’s leading independent geotechnical and drilling training provider, Equipe Training, and GE’s Geotechnical Innovation Award winner, Geotechnical Engineering. This unique combination allows the course to be fundamentally vocational whilst at the same time being cutting edge.

The potential decline of the UK’s geotechnical industry has been discussed and debated on many occasions and often the demise of good quality degree and post-degree courses is blamed.

The Geotechnical Academy addresses this and provides a unique learning experience targeted at geotechnical and geo-environmental engineers in the early years of their careers or those who feel they could do with a refresher

The Academy welcomes delegates from both ‘Consultant’ and ‘Contractor’ firms to stimulate debate and share knowledge from different stakeholders in the profession. An important aspect of the training is to allow delegates to gain knowledge and experience through the learning experience.


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